Edmonds Windmaster for quiet and longlasting Attic VentilationAttic Services have every solution for you to improve your homes roof ventilation system. To maximise your home comfort it is essential that you to have an effective roof ventilation system to work in conjunction with your insulation.

During a Perth summer, excess heat builds up in the roof during the day. This heat then radiates into the house. If this heat is not removed, it can be trapped inside the roof long after the sun goes down and continues to heat the home. Air conditioning is then used in an attempt to cool down the home. Air ventilation removes this heat, and in turn reduces electricity bills.

Ventilation is required to remove heat from roofs during the summer months, where air temperatures can reach 60 to 65 degrees Celsius during the day, although outside air temperatures may only be 30 to 35 degrees. Roof temperatures can be as much as 30-35 degrees hotter than ambient outside temperatures. This heat, if not removed by ventilation or blocked with insulation, will radiate into the home.

During winter and at night, moist air from the house moves into the roof (from hot showers, cleaning with hot water, cooking etc). This moist air then hits the cold roof underside and condenses, and then falls back onto the ceiling. This can cause mould and mildew to grow over time. Excess moisture can cause insulation and construction materials to deteriorate more quickly, can cause allergic reactions in some people and harm health.

Our ventilations systems are an inexpensive way to assist you in creating that perfect home comfort solution. Call Attic Services for a ventilation quote.

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